Bohemian Paradise Association


Contribution rules

Bohemian paradise Association (BPA)

Part One
Introductory Provisions

§ 1
Approval of Contribution Rules

In compliance with the Articles of Association of the Bohemian Paradise Association (further only Association), these Contribution Rules of the Association are approved of and issued. The Contribution Rules are approved of by the General Assembly of the Association.

Part Two
Membership Contributions

§ 2
Approval of Membership Contribution

The amount of membership contribution is approved of after the proposal of the Board of Directors by the General Assembly of the Association in the manner determined by the Procedural Rules of the Association.

§ 3
Period of Validity and Maturity

The membership contribution is set for the period of calendary year. The annual membership contribution is due every year by the end of February. Newly accepted members are obliged to pay the membership contribution within two months since their being accepted as members. Should the membership of a member of the Association be terminated, the membership contribution or its proportional part shall not be returned.

§ 4
Amount of Membership Contribution

  1. Membership fee of a regular member - towns and villages up to 30 000 inhabitants - is 2,- CZK per inhabitant.
  2. Membership fee of a regular member - towns and villages above 30 000 inhabitants - is 1,- CZK per inhabitant.
  3. Membership fee of a regular collective member - specialized professional and interest associations within the territorial range of effectiveness of the Association - is 2 000,- CZK.
  4. Membership fee of a regular member - other legal entities - is 5 000,- CZK.

§ 5
Proportional Part of Membership Contribution

Should the membership in the Association arise in the second six months of the calendary year, the member shall pay one half of the annual membership contribution.

Part Three
Final Provisions

§ 6
Approval and Effectiveness of Contribution Rules

  1. The Contribution Rules were approved of at the General Assembly of the Association on February 23, 1999.
  2. The approved Contribution Rules enter into force on March 5, 1999.

In Turnov, on March 5, 1999

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