Bohemian Paradise Association


Articles of association

Bohemian Paradise Association (BPA)

§ 1
Establishment of Association

The Bohemian Paradise Association (further only Association) was established on the basis of a resolution of the foundation general meeting of June 23, 1992, and was registered on July 31, 1992 at the District Office in Semily under Ser. No. vnitr. 23/92. The activities of the Association were governed by the Articles of Associations of the Bohemian Paradise Towns and Villages Association, approved by the foundation general meeting of June 23, 1992. These existing Articles of Association are changed by these new Articles of Association which draw from the provision of § 14, par. 1, letter n) of the Act No. 367/90 of the Collection of Laws, as amended.

§ 2
Territorial Definition

The Association is a legal entity as voluntary special-interest association of legal entities in the landscape area of the Bohemian Paradise. The Association is active within the territory marked by the towns and villages of Jicin, Sobotka, Dolni Bousov, Mlada Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiste, Sychrov, Hodkovice, Zelezny Brod, Semily and Lomnice nad Popelkou.

§ 3
Name and Seat of Association

Name of Association: Sdruzeni Cesky raj (Bohemian Paradise Association)
Seat of Association: Dvorakova ul. c. 334, 511 01 Turnov
Account number: 126255017/5100 u CSOB a.s. pobocky Turnov
Registration number: vnitr. 23/92 at the District Office Semily of July 31, 1992
Identification number: 15045838

§ 4
Purpose and Subject of Activity

  1. The purpose of the Association is the co-operation of the member villages, towns and other legal entities to help develop the Bohemian Paradise region, mainly in tourism.
  2. The subject of activity is mainly the co-ordination of all the activities when promoting tourism, including appropriate complex services and supporting information service for tourism with relevant marketing, all when complying the regulations in force.
  3. To reach this aim, the Association strives after the co-operation between the state, towns and villages, citizens and businesspeople interested in tourism when preserving the natural cultural values.
  4. On the basis of this co-operation, the Association represents externally the interests of the whole region.
  5. Co-operation on creating the strategy of the Bohemian Paradise region development.

§ 5
Membership and Duties of Members

  1. The membership is open for all legal entities in the region.
  2. The membership originates by submitting the application and by the subsequent approval of the membership of the applicant by the Board. Towns and villages can become members of the Association after the approval of their local/town councils, other legal bodies can become members by an independent binding act. The village/town is represented in the Association by a representative authorized by his/her local/town council.
  3. Duties of the Association member are as follows:
    • to contribute to the activities of the Association in the form of a contribution, determined by the General Assembly on the basis of estimated overheads
    • to contribute by his/her activity to the fulfilment of the goals of the Association
  4. Rights of the Association member are as follows:
    • to submit proposals to the Association bodies
    • to be present at debating his/her proposals
    • to use the logo of the Association, when complying with the conditions stipulated by the General Assembly
  5. The membership is terminated:
    • by voluntary resignation, which is announced in writing to the chairperson of the Association minimally two weeks before the nearest General Assembly
    • by being excluded by the General Assembly for not complying with the Articles of Association

§ 6
Signing and Representing

  1. The chairperson of the Board of Directors represents the Association and acts on its behalf. The chairperson represents the Association when dealing with public subjects.
  2. Signing is performed in such a manner that the chairperson of the Board of Directors and the acting secretary join their signatures to the printed or written name of the Bohemian Paradise Association.

§ 7
Association Bodies

The bodies of the Association are as follows:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Board of Directors of the Association
  3. Chairperson of the Board of Directors
  4. Supervisory Board
  5. Agents

ad a) The General Assembly is the top body of the Association. All the Association members are represented at the General Assembly by their statutory, or authorised representatives. The General Assembly can be regular and extraordinary. The regular General Assembly is summoned in writing by the Board. The invitation contains the programme, time and place of session and is sent not later than 14 days before the General Assembly is held. The regular General Assembly is held minimally once a year. The extraordinary General Assembly is summoned by the Board should it be necessary due to serious interests of the Association or should minimally 1/3 of the Association members ask for it. When voting, every member has one vote. The General Assembly constitutes a quorum when the absolute majority of members is present. Should this condition not be complied with, after 30 minutes this General Assembly is held with the participation of the members being present. This facts is recorded in the Minutes.

ad b) The Board of Directors of the Association is elected and withdrawn by the General Assembly made of its members by a simple majority. The Board is constituted of minimally five members including its chairperson. The Board is usually elected for the period of one year and meets when necessary, minimally once in calendary quarter. It always meets when a Board member asks for it. The Board constitutes a quorum when the absolute majority of its members is present and governs the activity of the Association in the period between General Assemblies. It has the right to decide in all matters connected with the activities of the Association, should this decision not be explicitly reserved for the General Assembly. The Board is mainly in charge of:

  • regular ensuring of the information on the activities of the Association
  • fulfilling the tasks assigned by the General Assembly
  • submitting proposal for the change of the Articles of Association and the subject of activity
  • submitting the plan of activities including financing
  • preparing annual budgets
  • submitting the report to the General Assembly on the financial management of the Association for the past year
  • deciding on concluding contracts with other subjects

ad c) The chairperson of the Board of Directors summons and manages the meetings of the Board of Directors. S/he is responsible for the activities of the Board of Directors and for the financial management of the whole Association. S/he manages and checks the work of the acting secretary of the Association.

ad d) The Supervisory Board consists of three members and is elected by general meeting. It checks all the activities of the Association and performs mainly the reviews of the activities and of the annual statement of accounts of the Association. It is responsible for its activity to the General Assembly and submits the reports on its activity to the General Assembly.

ad e) The acting secretaries of the Association guarantee the organizational, material and working activities of the Board. They are nominated after the proposal of the chairperson of the Association. The nomination is approved of by the Board. The job description is determined in writing by the chairperson of the Association on the basis of a decision of the Board of Directors of the Association.

§ 8
Property of Association

For the purposes of the Association, the members can join their financial means and other tangible and intangible assets as their deposits. The members can deposit, increase, decrease or withdraw their deposits only with the approval of the General Assembly. The total of the assets creates the basic capital of the Association. The property of the Association is created by the basic capital and other property from other sources, such as grants, donations, loans and possible profit from the activities. All financial means can be used only for the activities of the Association. The expense costs of the Association are for the administrative ensuring of the activities of the Association and for the projects of whole-region range of effectiveness. The management of the Association is governed by generally binding regulations and recommendations of the General Assembly.

§ 9
Dissolution of Association

The Association can be dissolved only by the decision of the General Assembly. This act necessitates the absolute majority of the members with the right to vote who are present at the General Assembly. Before the Association is dissolved, a liquidation is performed, should the property of the Association not be transferred to a legal successor. The manner of property liquidation and liabilities settlement is decided upon by the General Assembly which designates the liquidator.

§ 10
Temporary and Final Provisions

All changes of the Articles of Association are performed by the decision of the General Assembly. The decision is accepted by the absolute majority of the votes of its members. The change of the Articles of Association is performed in the form of an Amendment which shall be signed by a statutory representative. Every change of the Articles of Association shall be reported to a state body that registered the Association. The changes come into force only on the day of the amendment registration by an administrative body.

In Turnov, on May 12, 1999

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