Josef Pekař Trail

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Turnov native - historian Josef Pekař, a new trail was built in May 2020. The trail is marked by a green hiking marks, is 4 kilometers long and has 6 stops with information panels. The route connects Dolánky, the historians native Malý Rohozec and Jenišovice, where Pekař is buried.

Six stops are installed on the new trail, six panels dedicated to prof. Josef Pekař. Each of them is divided into three parts called From Pekař's Life, From Pekař's Region and The Place Where the Panel Is Located. The texts are supplemented by illustrative images, their number is limited by the size of the panel. Therefore, QR codes are located at the bottom right of each of them, through which an inquisitive reader can connect to websites with more extensive texts, a route map and an extended photo gallery. For foreign tourists, brief translations of texts are also prepared using QR codes. You can gradually find individual panels of the nature trail in Dolánky near Dlaskův statek, in Vazovecké údolí near the Bezednice pond, in Malý Rohozec three of them - on the slope below the original Pekař's cottage, in the local parts of Na Černavě and Na Pískách. The last one is located in Jenišovice near the cemetery.

More information find on the website:

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